Title Image


‘Washing Day’   2013

Linoprint on paper
30cm x 39cm
Limited edition of 20


This is an amalgamation of many images in my mind, and depicts washing day at perhaps Grandma and Grandad’s place…. daggy undies and all! A forgotten tennis ball can also be seen on the shed roof, and the Hills Hoist, washing trolley and mango tree complete the picture in my mind of many favourite older homes that I have lived in or visited.

‘Road Trip’   2013

Handcoloured Linoprint on paper
27cm x 37cm
Limited edition of 25


Close friends own this fantastic Cambridge Blue HK Holden station wagon and Bondwood van, and both have been restored lovingly with the HK a daily driver and the caravan being used on each holiday to the Sunshine Coast. Making great family memories!

‘Number Nine’   2013

Handcoloured Linoprint on paper
22cm x 30cm
Limited Edition of 20


Dune Street, Tugun
Inspired by, but not a copy of this address….I love quirky, kitsch (and maybe an eyesore to some!) pieces like this, and I delight in finding them as I walk my local streets.

‘Morning Paper, Kirra’   2013

Linoprint on paper
27.5cm x 39.5cm
Limited edition of 20


13 Douglas Street, Kirra
I love this garden gate, and photographed it walking home after a day at the ‘Wintersun’ festival. Years later I developed this print, altering slightly some of the garden, and adding the Sunday newspaper.

‘Mahia’   2013

Linoprint on paper
28cm x 40cm
Limited edition of 20


Mahia Terrace, Kings Beach, Caloundra.
This little cutie is across the road from a relatives unit in Caloundra. Its name is ‘Sea Tang’, and it is a gorgeous mushroom brown/calamine lotion colour. The wheelie bins inject a sense of the everyday.

‘Gentle Man’   2013

Linoprint on paper
30cm x 42cm
Limited edition of 20


A very personal piece, this is a portrait of my late father in law, completed in his final weeks. He got to see the finished piece and signed a few prints for the family. He was a beautiful man who loved woodworking and his family, and whose hands comforted many.

‘Coffee With Grandad’   2013

Linoprint on paper
20cm x 30cm
Limited edition of 20


This print is inspired by my collection of retro coffee cups sitting on my desk, and imagining who would have used them over the years. I pictured having a quiet cuppa with a favourite elderly relative, and this is the resulting image. Many customers have shared the same memories with me.

‘Beach House Detail’   2013

Handcoloured Linoprint on paper
22cm x 15cm
Limited edition of 20


Sunshine Coast
An image originally created for an artist book travelling the world, this print was the starting point for my ‘over the fence’ series. High fences often obscure our views, so we see only some architectural details, and it was the fibro roof on this house that caught my eye.

’10 Foot Bondwood’   2013

Handcoloured Linoprint on paper
22.5cm x 28.5cm
Limited edition of 50


Another favourite van spotted at a car show. Imagine travelling in a caravan this size… only the essentials would be packed, but that sounds just fine to me!